The Food Movement Co. has a commitment to give 11% of our profits to help global hunger relief efforts, and to synergistically raise awareness of these efforts. At The Food Movement Co. we believe sustainability in human society and in the environment are indelibly intertwined. We believe that in order to feed ourselves, we must begin to embrace the stewardship of the planet, and of other people, that our ancestors recognized as crucial to our growth and survival. We are all interdependent.

In 2008 in the Annual Review of Public Health, Mary Story et al outlined an ecological framework for influencing access to healthy food. Access to healthy food, as well as effective strategies for promoting healthy eating, are very important for us to consider as a society, as well as individually.

If we are to consider the plight of the human race as a whole, we can see that hunger is a global problem. There is a lack of access to health food and clean water in many parts of the world. Certainly, in some areas it is more dramatic and striking than others.

Our aim is to make a connection between the way we live and the way others live.

No person is an island. Everything that we say and do has a ripple effect. Some companies formulate their products and organize their businesses around controlling the way that people perceive their product rather than making their products the best that they can be.

We promise to always offer substance over style, as we make it our job to search the world for the finest quality ingredients. We promise not to sell you anything that we wouldn’t put into our own bodies.

We choose to give 11% of our company’s profits to end hunger relief, with plans to one day expand our efforts and engage other companies.

As citizens of the First World, we recognize that we have a responsibility to share the planet as we find it. The first group we chose to sponsor with our initial modest donation was The Peanut Butter Project. This is a truly inspiring and groundbreaking efforts made by an American doctor, Mark Manary. You can learn more about their work at the Project Peanut Butter website.

We want to help people with food. We believe that this should be the primary basis for helping other people, both in directing them to eat important foods but also to help insure that they have enough food to eat.

We believe in nutritional supplementation, both with vitamin supplementation and with nutrient-dense superfoods. Optimal dietary status may be much easier to achieve in more develeoped countries both because of access to resources as well as availability of dietary supplements.