FULVIC POM - fulvic trace mineral and organic Pomegranate juice formula - 60 vegan capsules

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Fulvic Pom is the world's first nutritional supplement to combine Fulvic acid and organic Pomegranate juice!

Both Pomegranate and Fulvic acid have been widely researched for their incredible health benefits!

This combination from the Food Movement Company, long standing leaders in the natural products industry and the health food store movement.  The Food Movement were the first to bring many ground breaking products to market.

Fulvic Pom is a groundbreaking supplement combining two very powerful and dynamic ingredients - the black earth fulvic mineral blend The Food Movement have become known for - and freeze-dried organic Pomegranate juice powder.

Discover a powerful ally for your healthy!

* promotes health pH (acid-alkaline) balance in the body

* proven to have great antioxidant benefit

* supports the structure and function of the immune system, circulatory system, reproductive system and the central nervous system

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