The Food Movement Company was founded in 2011 out of a small indie health food store in Lake County, Illinois.  Our company has grown and changed but our core values and guiding principles have remained the same.

More than just a business

The great thing about the health food movement is that people are coming together to spread knowledge about health and natural healing.  This in turn can have a positive impact on the marketplace, not just in business practices but in support of our larger environment - the planet Earth.

The Food Movement has been an industry leader in the creation of plant-based nutrients, offering many health food industry 'firsts'.  Today our focus is continually on creating the highest quality products.

Our driving philosophy

The Food Movement is founded on the belief that the human body has an innate ability to heal itself given the proper nourishment. We believe in not just healing with whole foods, but also in supplementing our diets with specific nutrients that may be missing.  We feel this approach is crucial to our survival as a people and a planet. This involves raw materials in their purest forms, formulations which correspond to the systems of the body, and an overarching philosophy that respects the wisdom of nature.

As part of our mission we work to eliminate hunger in the world through donations of at least 11% of our profits annually to worthy organizations ranging from Trees for Life to the Chicago Food Depository to Peace Possible... and beyond!